YouTube submission

We are looking for your videos...unboxing, installation, and using the product.  They do not have to be professional, just hi-def with clear audio (Most newer cell phones will work fine).  They should be at least 4 minutes in length and give a clear understanding of what you are doing.  Please "tag" IntuitiveUSA and the product name in the video.  Once you have uploaded and posted your video to YouTube, please fill out the below form to let us know.  This is limited to one submission per household, per product. You can submit a video for an S-Mount, a CMP-1 and an In-wall box and qualify for all three...but you cannot submit multiple videos for the same product.  We won't mind if you do multiple videos for the same product, but you would only qualify for one freebie.

Once you are approved, we will ship you the same product that you used in your an S-Mount installation, get a free S-Mount.  Your free product, including free shipping, will ship within 30 days.  Free shipping is good only for the USA at this time, outside of the US you will be responsible for shipping, duty, and any other fees associated with getting the product to you.


Thank you again, we look forward to seeing your video soon!


Thank you for your making a YouTube video!

Please fill out the below form and we will usually get back to you in 2-3 business days.

    By submitting this video I agree to the following: 1. keep the video on YouTube for a time no less than 365 days. 2. That there is no offensive content in the video 3. Intuitive may use the video, without compensation, for marketing purposes 4. Anyone in the video has given express permission for this submission.
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