Power Injector

source site This is the power source for the S-Mount-POE.  Delivering 48v of power, it can be installed without an electrical licence, yet has enough power to fast charge your tablet.

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best place to buy now soft viagra One of these is needed per S-Mount-POE.  You can also use a POE switch as a substitute.

  • Input: 100~240VAC-1.0A 50/60Hz
  • Model: POE-48-I
  • Output: 48V, 1.0A  48v af compliant
  • + Pins 4&5
  • Pins 7&8
  • Certifications: UL, CUL, FC, CE, TUV

offerta speciale viagra Connections:

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  • 100-240 VAC.  unit is supplied with US Power cord only
  • RJ45 Ethernet Jack