UMC-1   Universal Mounting Clamp


Mount everything easily to the enclosure...neat organized and reliable.

The Universal Mounting Clamp is the ultimate tool for mounting your Audio/Video equipment.  With snap-in-place technology, you can easily position the clamp exactly where you need it, then easily relocate it if necessary.  Place your equipment within its jaws, and with a few turns of the knob the soft foam will securely hold almost anything.

Typically used with our breadboard enclosures or CMP-1 component mounting plate, the UMC can also be used with solid backed enclosures...Simply remove the push in clips and use self tapping metal screws in their place.

A Foam Grip!

Soft Neoprene rubber covers any of the contact points on the clamp.  Your components will be firmly held in place with out fear of scratching.

The Perfect Height!

Our Unique Break-Away post allows you to fit any component.  The post can be easily snapped off at 1/2” increments for the perfect height.

Our custom knurled knob allows you to easily adjust the tension even in tight spaces.

Install in a Snap!

Dual push clips easily snap the clamp into the breadboard of the IWB in-wall box.  Want to move your component? Simply un-snap, relocate, and snap into its new position.  Time is money, and these make your installation a snap!