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The S-Mount


Designed as a mounting location for your tablet, the unpowered S-Mount can hold up to 2.5lbs.  When you want to take your tablet with you, simply pull from one of the corners.


How is it installed?

Complete InstallationAttach with screwsInsert Drywall Anchors

Attaching to a mirror, granite or other smooth surface

Clean the surface and the rear of the S-Mount an alcohol wipe, apply 3M™ VHB tape, and stick to the surface. Attach the rubber face. Attach the adapter to the rear of the tablet.  Installation time about 2-5 minutes.  Do not use the double stick tape to attach to drywall or uneven surfaces.

Tools needed:  None

Attaching to drywall, wood or other uneven surface

Use the included template to mark the mounting locations.  Screw the drywall anchors into place.  Mount the S-Mount plate with the supplied screws.  Attach the rubber face. Attach the adapter to the rear of the tablet.  Installation time about 5-10 minutes.  

Tools needed: A Philips screwdriver


Can I install it?

For sure!

The installation can be done in just a couple of minutes

On granite, mirrors and other hard surfaces, it is a peel and stick installation.
On drywall, wood and other rough surfaces, you will only need a screwdriver.

We asked a friend, not an actress, to install the S-Mount on her granite back splash. She has never installed one before, and is not a contractor.

Not shown in the video was her adding the rubber face, which took about a minute.

Here are the instructions: S-Mount Instructions


Marky Best iPad wall mount out there! I used to have the iPorts all over, but they need to be upgraded each time the iPad shape changes slightly. This just works. Any iPad/iPod/iPhone, any orientation, and very inexpensive comparatively. You do need to buy something to charge it, but I have PoE to each place, and there are reasonably PoE-to-USB adapters everywhere. Love this!

V.B. Works exactly as advertised! The final touch on the kitchen.

John, H.really neat, cool design. very basic and looks like a wall plate when ipad not attached. very happy. the magnet is very strong.