(High Volt 110/220)


What's Included?

Everything you need to mount a single tablet in one location


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Wall mount and charge at the same time

With the S-Mount-POE and S-Mount-HV, you can store, charge, and use your tablet without taking up counter space.

Works with any flat backed tablet using Apple 8-Pin, Micro USB or Micro USB-C.

Not Compatable with adaptive charging devices such as the 2018 and newer iPad Pro

 How does it work?

On the rear of the S-Mount-HV is our custom Power supply. You attach your 120v/240v AC power, and it is converted to the 5v that you tablet needs. This little box is capable of fast charging your tablet with 2.0A output capability.


A custom micro USB is cable connects the S-Mount to your tablet.  Sounds complicated, but it is very easy.



Can I install it?

The installation of this product should be done by a qualified electrician, it requires knowledge of electrical connections, diagnosing the homes electric, and connecting 120v/240v electric wires, which can be deadly.

You can view the installation instructions here: S-Mount-HV Manual


The pros give feedback


Marky Best iPad wall mount out there! I used to have the iPorts all over, but they need to be upgraded each time the iPad shape changes slightly. This just works. Any iPad/iPod/iPhone, any orientation, and very inexpensive comparatively. You do need to buy something to charge it, but I have PoE to each place, and there are reasonably PoE-to-USB adapters everywhere. Love this!

V.B. Works exactly as advertised! The final touch on the kitchen.

John, H.really neat, cool design. very basic and looks like a wall plate when ipad not attached. very happy. the magnet is very strong.