It is a super slim magnet mount for your phone or tablet, which can easily be installed on any flat surface.

Once installed you can quickly attach and remove your device, then slip it into your favorite carrying case.

The mount is only 1/4" thick and does not require a special case, so the tablet looks like it is attached to the wall.

Designed to look like a wall plate, it blends with the homes decor.


Too many devices, not enough outlets. uncharged tablets, mixed brands and different chargers

…we have a solution, the S-Mount!

Available in three versions...S-Mount (Non Charging), S-Mount-POE (Power Over Ethernet), or S-Mount-P (120v/240v) High Powered.


How does it work?

There are 4 super strong Neodymium rare earth magnets that hide behind the rubber face, these are attracted to the metal plate that is on the rear of your device.

The magnets will NOT harm your device in any way.


How is it installed?

Complete InstallationAttach with screwsInsert Drywall Anchors


Tablet adapter

A removable thin metal plate is attached to the rear of the tablet, this is what allows it to stick to the S-mount.

The adapter is attached using 3M™ tape, and can be removed if necessary.

You can continue to use your current carrying case.

Rotate in any direction

Once installed the tablet can easily be rotated in any direction


Assembled Here, and proud of it!

All of our S-mounts are assembled in Arizona by hand. We take pride in every product we send out, and it shows.

Can I install it?

For sure!

The installation can be done in just a couple of minutes

On granite, mirrors and other hard surfaces, it is a peel and stick installation.
On drywall, wood and other rough surfaces, you will only need a screwdriver.

We asked a friend, not an actress, to install the S-Mount on her granite back splash. She has never installed one before, and is not a contractor.

Not shown in the video was her adding the rubber face, which took about a minute.

Here are the instructions: S-Mount Instructions

Use the case you want

Unlike most tablet mounts on the market, the S-Mount does not require a special case for your tablet.


What's Included?

Everything that you need to add one non-powered touch panel location.

S-Mount plate
S-Mount tablet adapter
Mounting template
Alcohol wipes
Drywall anchors
Mounting screws
3M Double sided tape

Attaching to a mirror, granite or other surface

Wipe the surface and the rear of the S-Mount with the included alcohol wipe, apply 3M™ VHB tape, and stick to the surface. Attach the rubber face. Attach the adapter to the rear of the tablet.  Installation time about 2-5 minutes.

Tools needed:  None


Attaching to Drywall

Use the included template to mark the mounting locations.  Using a philips head screwdriver, screw the drywall anchors into place.  Mount the S-Mount plate using the supplied screws.  Attach the rubber face. Attach the adapter to the rear of the tablet.  Installation time about 5-10 minutes.  Do not use the double stick tape to attach to drywall or uneven surfaces.

Tools needed: A Philips screwdriver



The finished installation

At only 1/4" thick, the S-mount keeps the tablet close to the wall, appearing to float on the surface.